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Star Wars Duels Board Game

This star wars epic duels board game figurines set is perfect for the star wars fans in your life! Collect and store yoursgg star wars figs in your closet so you can build your own rebellion theme home under the stars! The game play is intense and perfect for 2-6 players, with factions from all over the galaxy, you and your friends come to have some cool duels!

Epic Duels Board Game

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Cheap Star Wars Duels Board Game

This is a star wars epic duels hasbro milton bradley board game collector factory sealed game. This is a great addition to any star wars collection! the star wars duels board game is a reboot of the popular star wars card game. In this game, players battle it out against each other in thrilling square miles-sized maneks! The game is set to continue on december 12th with a star wars event! this is a nearly complete game of star wars duels, published by milton bradley in 2002. It is a 5-of-7 game, in which two players battle it out with their a-wing fighter jets against an alien enemy. The game is played on a playing field with a few trees, and includes moves that allow players to shoot an enemy with a blaster, and choice moves that allow players to storm an opponent's base with missiles and guns. The game isñly complete with all the pieces, because players must return all of their pieces to their central play area, and each player has a certain amount of points with which to build up their force. this is a star wars epic duels game for 4-8 players. In this game, you are one of several rebels trying to stop the evil star wars empire from taking over the galaxy. To do this, you must battle against powerful characters from the movie scene, such as luke skywalker, darth vader, and obi-wan. But if youre successful in your battle, you will receive rewards and cards from the game to help you in your next action-packed act.