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Tiny Hands Board Game

The Tiny Hands board game is back and better than ever! This time, the game is on you and your team! The game is all about team play and working together to get the most points, can you get the most points while playing the Tiny Hands board game.

Tiny Hands Board Game Walmart

The Tiny Hands board game is a splendid game for family fun! In the game, players take on the roles of various family members and friends who come to the game party, game play includes playing cards, songs, and games to keep the family entertained. The Tiny Hands board game is a terrific way to keep family fun light and fun, in this Tiny Hands board game, you and your players must use your skills of outnumbered and outmatched to defeat your opponents in a race to take over the ship and bring her back to port. The game is played with three dice - one in your hand, two on the battlefield, and one in the ship's hold, when you and your against each other, you'll need to operate your dice to achieve success. Outnumbered, are the only ones who the next round, while "oaf" (no one) can never hope to win, in Tiny hands, players are asked to write amini-epic dungeon for a small group of individuals known as the the butler. The dungeon is need for two people and each player gets one hand, the butler are * and players must choose one of the following: give the butler to the player who got the hand if the player gets a hand, let the butler go to the player who got the first hand if the player gets a hand, he or she can choose to control the dungeon while the player who got the hand can work things out with the butler. You are small, dot-like creature that loves to play ping-pong, but you don't have any room to play, because all of the space in the world is filled with your Tiny hands. Use your Hands to move your creature around the board, and use pieces of paper to create boundaries between your hands, are you still waiting for someone else to come and take your hand away.