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Uncle Wiggly Board Game

This uncle wiggly board game is a 1971 classic! The pieces are in great condition and the game board is included. Game play is based on a basic game of tag in which a player is the baddie and has to capture two pieces of the player's choice. The game is best played with other players, especially when the weather is cold, but it can also be played with just the pieces of wood between player and the game board. This board game is also great for the whole family!

Uncle Wiggly [New ] Board Game

Uncle Wiggly [New ] Board Game

By Winning Moves


Best Uncle Wiggly Board Game

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Uncle Wiggly Board Game Walmart

This is a great old board game for playing. It is in excellent condition with no losses yet. The covers are only used once and the game board is also only used once. This game is sure to be a classic! this is a rare and 1929 milton bradley missing markers uncle wiggly board game. It is a 9x9 game and features a beautiful, wiggly like design. Players compete to be the first to reach the next board goal by moving their pieces into any desired position. The game is played on a table with two positions - top and bottom - and each player has two pieces. The game is end up with a single piece at the bottom of the table - the first player to move their piece one position will win the game. The game is pong style with player 1 having initiative and player 2 moving one position. There is no time limit to the game and players can continue moving their pieces until they reach the first player's goal. The game is in playing order and has all the components that are common in 1961 such as missing markers, game board, and game cards. This game is piece by piece responses to a question fromowner of uncle wiggly board game who told us that this was the rare uncle wiggly board game. In this uncle wiggly game, players musteach others parts in order to win. Asty players will want to focus on gaining an advantage in their turn, while your bumbling teammates will need to work together to win the game. Find your moves and play your game of uncle wiggly today! This is a rare uncle wiggly board game from 1954. It's a garis 4829-e, and it's a vintage game. It's probably from a version that came in a tv set. This game is also quite colorful, and has plenty of symbols and symbols on it. It's a good game to play with friends or family.