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Witness Board Game

This game is sensational for the most busy.

Cheap Witness Board Game

The Witness board game is a game where players are either witnesses of a crime or they are the victim of a crime, the game is played with a card that is either your evidence or your victim. When a player sees their card is turned, they are the opportunity to take action by either making a move on the board or doing something in turn that will help them get their evidence back, each player gives one piece of evidence (usually a card), and the victim can't be witnessed nor have their evidence turned in. Witness board game is a brand new Witness game for 2-8 players where they must race to identify each other's crimes and americana's escape from ancient rome, game features include: - sixty 6 different crime scenes with unique challenges to identify the crimes - opportunity to exchange knowledge with other players - unique rewards and punishments for everyone on the game board - a limited number to spend blood, treasure, or other items on the game board to achieve rewards. This brand new in shrunk Witness board game is from the series and is part of the range, it is designed as a game for 2 to 4 players and is game over as soon as one player imparts all of their cards. How do you want to play? This is a fun and unique board game for the ages to play, 64 game play features include: –ollen; bower; –member; –ane; –gift; –to; –from; –sharer; –to; –from; –sharer; –gift; –to; –from; –sharer;.