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Board Game Card Holder

The board game Card Holder is a peerless substitute to keep your board games happy on the go! This fun and comfortable Card Holder is manufactured of durable plastic and features a colorful image of theon the cover, it is valuable for taking with you on the go or stored in your backpack.

Empty Card Holder Box Only

2003 Guesstures Second Edition Board

By Parker Brothers


W/ Holders 2015 Sealed

New RACK-O Retro Package Rummy

By Winning Moves Games


Resource And Card Holder
Replacements: Blue Card Holder & Buzzer (tested)
Replacement Lot 24 Blue Flip Cards Holders Part Only

1991 Guess Who? Board Game

By Winning Moves


Original Replacement Character Cards & Solution Card Holder

CLUE 1960 Board Game Original

By Parker Brothers


Settlers of Catan Card Holder 6 Slots

Settlers of Catan Card Holder

By DevanMetzDesign


CARD HOLDER CASE REPLACEMENT PART TO Balderdash 1984 Board Game #250


By Gameworks Creations INC


- Lcg - Core Set Tokens With Bonus Token Holder

Arkham Horror The Card Game

By Fantasy Flight Games


Piece White Board Easel Stand Card Holder
ISS Vanguard - Sundropped Section Boxes (card holders). New. Priority Shipping

ISS Vanguard - Sundropped Section

By Awaken Realms


Shadows of Brimstone - Enemy Card Holder - Silver or Black (Custom 3D printed)

Shadows of Brimstone - Enemy

By RealityFoundry


Trivial Pursuit 90's Time Capsule Replacement Piece 3 Red Card Holders

Trivial Pursuit 90's Time Capsule

By Parker Brothers


Replacement Score Pad, Card Holder & Timer Parts Only

Taboo Board Game Replacement Score

By Milton Bradley


Best Board Game Card Holder

This is a top-rated set of four holding cards for your desktop or desk, the plastic is soft and lightweight, making it basic to hold and play cards. The cards are small enough to suit in a pocket but large enough to be visible at a distance, the holders are so you can pick up the Card and not have to force it into your hand. The cards are white with black lettering and are age resistant, they can keep your office clean and organized, whatever you're working on at the moment. The board game Card Holder is a top-rated solution for holding your cards and resources, the Card Holder can be customized to meet the needs of your game, and can be used for display or storage. The resource pot can hold the desired amount of resources, and the board game can be seen in its entirety when placed in the center of the pot, this is a terrific for holding game cards with plastic deck holders. It can also be used to carry around cards with you when you are playing a board game, it as well a beneficial for holding game cards and cards with plastic deck holders in different areas to make it more unique.